Proper Background Use

Explains proper or more optimal choice background use for both animated and stationary backgrounds. This article intends to teach how to bring the Doodly software out of its intended whiteboard animation use and add a little more class to the doodles so let’s start there.


What is a proper background?

There really isn’t a “proper” background but there are more optimal choices of backgrounds, especially in a doodle. An optimal choice would depend on the intention of the doodle. If we are telling a scary story, we will choose a background image instead of a plain color. We may make it really scary to provide that effect. We want to use contrasting colors when using a background in Doodly.

How do I animate my background?

This can be done with one or more GIF Animations. Ensure not to have too many but having clouds or a plane moving in the sky while having a boat moving across water will go along way to selling the story that is being told.

Colored Backgrounds

These are excellent for adding a pseudo color to the assets if the rainbow addon has not been purchased. Using lighter pastel colors instead of vibrant colors for this effect would be preferred for the viewer’s eyes. An extremely bright yellow may definitely pop but will you keep someone’s attention if they have to stare at the sun for 2 minutes straight.

Text on a Background

To bring our text into the viewers focus, we can use an opaque background behind it. We do this in the SoloBoss Common Beginner Mistakes video tutorial chapter of Be Clear and Concise.