Top Drawing

Learn the ability to have the reveal arm reveal images from the top of the screen instead of the bottom.



Video editing software capable of rotating the screen.

What is Top Drawing?

Top Drawing creates an illusion that you are someone else is drawing from the top of the canvas instead of the bottom.

What good is Top Drawing?

This very simple effect can, if used sparingly, provide the WOW factor to the viewer, be used to keep the viewer’s attention wanting to know what other special effects come next in the doodle and can be used not only for top drawing but also side drawing like you see in the SoloBoss Green Screen and Masking video tutorial.

How to create the effect?

  • Do not use a custom image background.
  • Use a green screen background or rotate your asset background 180 degrees.
  • Place your assets on the canvas like normal and rotate them 180 degrees.
  • Set everything to the desired settings and export your video as a .mp4 file.
  • Import the video into a video editor and rotate the screen 180 degrees.