Rubber Stamp Effect

Create a rubber stamp effect in Doodly. This advanced skill level article will walk you through all the steps to make this effect in your doodles.


Professional photo manipulation software. Must have the capabilities to work with .mp4 files, textures, masks, text editing, colors, designs, heal or rubber stamp tool and can create GIF animations. For this article, we are using Photoshop.


Note: This effect takes a lot of knowledge and preparation work and it takes a long time to create but it is a very powerful effect. Once it is done, you don’t have to do it again unless you want to change reveal arms. It took about 10 hours to design and create this effect and then write this article.

If you do not have the knowledge of how to do this but would still like the rubber stamp you can:
1. Contact me first. This can be done via telephone, Telegram or Messenger to ensure I am still making them for people.
2. Purchase 5 cups of coffee for me using the link at the bottom of every article I write.
3. Leave a comment when you purchase the coffee that you would like the rubber stamp effect and I will make you one in the reveal arm of your choice. This just gets the stamp effect and not the stamp. Converting your logo into a stamp would be additional.


Doodly does not natively have a rubber stamp so preparation depends on how realistic we want this effect to become. There are some questions that need to be answered for proper preparation.

1. Do we want a physical rubber stamp in a Doodly hand to appear to stamp?
If yes,
Do we want the downwards movement of an arm stamping the canvas?
If yes, please note Doodly hands just appear and do not natively provide the coming out from the canvas movement until something is being revealed. Therefore making this effect will be extremely difficult not but undoable.


If no, we just desire the stamp effect without the reveal arm then this becomes much easier and we only need to create the stamp.

Step 1: Locate a rubber stamp in the correct direction and remove the background.

There is one SVG Doodly provided rubber stamp but that is a 2D stamp and doesn’t have the desired angle we were after for this effect. The one we use is on Pixabay that suited our needs. Rubber Stamp

Note: The accompanying image skips the this step so Step 2 becomes Step 1 in the image.

Step 2: Export a proper reveal arm.
Create a custom canvas that is 1920 X 1920 with either a white, contrasting color to the desired reveal arm or a green screen.

Note: Sometimes when choosing a green screen color there is still a hint of green around the reveal arm when removing the color in a photo editor. This is because the gray stroke around the blurred reveal arm is mixed in with the background color when exported from Doodly so be careful of using a color other than white.
We need an arm that allows us to provide the appearance of holding a rubber stamp. Choose an arm that will hold the stamp. This is typically on that appears to be more of a fist than one holding a marker. One of the male hands would work best for this effect.

Place a mask that is about with a 10 second duration to in the center of the canvas. We want the Doodly arm to scribble the mask into the canvas. Make the mask big enough so there is plenty of times the reveal arm slides back and forth. This is important because a lot of those views are blurry and we may want that to sell the realism on the downwards movement. Make the mask small enough so the arm doesn’t slide outside of the canvas when revealing the mask.

Step 3: Obtain various similar lengths of the reveal arm. We need these to make the GIF animation. Typically 4 to 8 options will work. I use the ruler guides in Photoshop to ensure each arm image is in vertical alignment with one another.

Step 4: Remove the writing medium in each image and replace it with the rubber stamp. This will involve slicing the rubber stamp in two and using the Heal Tool on the hand where the writing medium was removed. If blurred images were obtained, then don’t forget to blur the rubber stamp.

Step 5: Create the GIF animation.

Step 6: Create the Stamp. This is created as a separate image from GIF animation. We want the ability to change out the stamp. Save this as a PNG or SVG and import that into Doodly.

Note: There are several other methods and considerations such as no hand stamping but those methods are outside the scope of this tutorial.