SoloBoss Doodly Tutorials

SL.No Date Title Description
1 05-06-2021

Getting Started with Doodly

Author: SoloBoss

Talks about where to begin and how to move foward with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

2 03-28-2021

Doodly and Personal Templates

Author: SoloBoss

Explains the pros and cons of using both Doodly provided and personal templates.

3 03-09-2021


Author: SoloBoss

Explains and provides examples for how to stay organized in Doodly.

4 03-12-2021

Choosing a Canvas Type

Author: SoloBoss

Shows the common use of the different types of Canvas Types.

5 03-16-2021

Learning the Timelines

Author: SoloBoss

Discusses and provides a tool for learning the different timelines.

6 04-04-2021

Copy and Paste

Author: SoloBoss

Provides tips on the proper method of copying and pasting assets and scenes in Doodly.

7 05-02-2021

Working with Font Types

Author: SoloBoss

Provides information on working with the different font types for which Doodly is compatible.

8 05-04-2021

Working with Images

Author: SoloBoss

Learn to work with images in Doodly. Provides a video to explain about constrained proportions.

9 05-15-2021

Working with Layers

Author: SoloBoss

Provides details on working in the layers section of Doodly and what can be done within this section.

10 03-30-2021

Working with Sound Effects

Author: SoloBoss

Displays images and documentation on proper sound effect usage in Doodly.

11 03-13-2021

Video & Scene Settings

Author: SoloBoss

Explains and provides an image of differences in Video and Scene settings.

12 03-18-2021


Author: SoloBoss

Explains about the differences between video and scene settings and features.

13 03-31-2021

Pan and Zoom

Author: SoloBoss

Teaches about the basics of the functionality of pan and zoom and provides a video tutorial.

14 04-13-2021

Exit Animations

Author: SoloBoss

Discusses best practices for using exit animations to WOW the viewers of a doodle.

15 03-25-2021

GIF Animations

Author: SoloBoss

Explains how to use GIF animations. Shows reasons for use and non-use of GIF's.

16 04-21-2021

Erase Mode

Author: SoloBoss

In-depth instructions and proper usage techniques of the Erase Mode feature in your doodle.

17 04-15-2021

Imported Image Reveal Options

Author: SoloBoss

Reveals the details about the different types of imported image reveal methods in Doodly.

18 03-26-2021

Animation in Doodly

Author: SoloBoss

Detailed instructions on the methods to create animation in Doodly.

19 04-17-2021

How to Control Revealing or Drawing Speed in Doodly

Author: SoloBoss

Lists the details for the options to control speed and suggests average times for each setting.

20 04-24-2021

Choosing Fonts

Author: SoloBoss

Explains how to choose correct fonts and what types of fonts are best for different parts of the doodle.

21 05-10-2021

Text Size and Style

Author: SoloBoss

Discover why text size is so important to a doodle and how to optimally use it to your advantage.

22 04-11-2021

Choosing the Correct Audio File

Author: Meta Music Man

Provides documentation on working with audio and how to choose the correct audio file.

23 04-20-2021

When to Include Music

Author: SoloBoss

Suggestions different situtations in which louder music would both enhance or hurt a doodle.

24 03-14-2021

Syncing Audio and Video

Author: SoloBoss

Provides documentation to help with syncing video and audio in Doodly.

25 03-24-2021

Be Clear and Concise

Author: SoloBoss

Shows how over-explaining a product or service can damage your doodle.

26 03-08-2021

Doodle Length

Author: SoloBoss

Discusses the pros and cons of the length of a Doodly project.

27 03-20-2021

Keyboard Shortcuts

Author: SoloBoss

Printable documentation for the keyboard shortcuts in Doodly.

28 03-19-2021

Creation Process

Author: SoloBoss

Details out the different processes for video creation in or out of Doodly.

29 04-08-2021

Proper Microphone

Author: SoloBoss

Talks in depth about the microphones to not use and provides suggestions for others.

30 04-16-2021

Rainbow and Enterprise

Author: SoloBoss

Explains the pros and cons of the Rainbow and Enterprise options and provides a cost analysis.

31 04-28-2021

Copyright or Trademark Infringement

Author: SoloBoss

Insite into the world of copyrights and trademarks. Includes hyperlinks back to government websites.

32 05-13-2021

How to Find or Sort Doodly Assets

Author: SoloBoss

Teaches how to filter, sort and find assets using the Categories filtering option in Doodly.

33 04-29-2021

Doodly Marketplace Bundles

Author: SoloBoss

Explains how to work with the marketplace, deals for purchases and how to search for Doodly assets.

34 06-04-2021

Displaying Contact Information

Author: SoloBoss

Learn the do and do nots and the why and why nots for displaying contact information in your doodle.

35 05-03-2021

Correcting Resolution Issues

Author: SoloBoss

Allows for easily solving the issues between the canvas and images that happen within Doodly.

36 04-02-2021

Troubleshooting Doodly

Author: SoloBoss

Provides instructions from support that will help troubleshoot issues in Doodly.

37 06-15-2021

Become a SoloBoss Content Provider

Author: SoloBoss

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